Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing for the Lymph System

Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing for the Lymph System

As you may already know, in addition to MLD and Massage therapist, I am also an experience Yoga instructor.

I teach my yoga students the benefits of Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing, and in each and every class we spend time practicing this technique.

In the clinic I bring this knowledge to my MLD clients, and now I’m bringing it to you, the reader…

In a nutshell:

Most adults, due to stress or through bad habits, forget to use their full lung capacity when breathing in and out, and tend to only breathe into the chest/only use the upper section of the lungs. But there are various reasons that this impacts us in a negative way, for example we deprive ourselves of oxygen, we allow the diaphragm muscle to become lazy, we loose flexibility and mobility within our lungs and our ribs.

So what do we do about this and how do we use deep diaphragmatic breathing to assist our body in functioning as it should? And why is this relevant for the lymphatic system?

All you need to know is contained in this short video clip, along with a demonstration. Give it a go and feel free to give me your feedback, I’d love to hear if you found this information useful or if you have more questions.

This technique is safe for everyone, even if you’ve had damage to your lymphatic system due to surgery, radiation therapy, illness etc. If you’ve had surgery on your diaphragm take care and take your time, don’t force things, progress at a gentle pace.

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