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At Beautiful Life MLD, we are here to help you live your best life with full health. Based online, and in Mountshannon, County Clare, we work with people who are eager to take control of their well-being and implement positive changes to improve their own health. Using MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage), we help people suffering from a range of conditions including lymphoedema, sinusitis, sports injuries and some skin conditions to minimise the impact of their condition while boosting their sense of empowerment and personal well-being.

Lymphoedema is a condition of the lymphatic system which can be hereditary, or caused as a result of injury or surgery. During treatment for cancer, for example, lymph nodes may be surgically removed or damaged by radiation therapy. The lymph nodes play a vital role in our immune function, in waste management and in the transport of lymphatic fluid throughout our bodies. When this process is interrupted it can result in swelling under the skin and compromised immune function.

It’s not just for these issues, however, Lymphatic Drainage is also perfect for those looking for ways to strengthen their immune system and ensure they stay in good health.

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Self-Manage Your Lymphedema

Addressing the needs of men and women around the globe, who want to know more about the lymphatic system and how to take care of it if it has been damaged; For those who want to take control of their wellbeing, boost their immune system, mitigate the onset of Lymphedema and create healthy habits to maintain a healthy lymphatic system – this online course is for you. Just €99 

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for anyone with a damaged lymphatic system who wants to self manage their lymphedema.

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Learn at your own pace and have life-long access so you can come back and follow the videos at any time.

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Manual Lymph Drainage Services


Manual Lymph Drainage is an advanced, light-touch therapy which works on the lymphatic system, moving and stretching the skin…

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Combined Decongestive Therapy or CDT is the use of MLD in conjunction with compression bandaging. CDT is the standard approach….

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Lymphoedema is a condition affecting the lymphatic system in which the normal transportation of lymph (a straw-coloured fluid that travels throughout the body….

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About Aideen

Aideen at Beautiful Life MLD has over ten year’s experience working with clients who have found that MLD helped them regain control over various conditions. Trained to the highest standard, she has the skills, clinical experience, and the personal understanding necessary to draw upon in her work….

Customer Reviews

Online MLD consultation: I found the session to be extremely beneficial and informative. Great introduction to the management of lymphoedema. Individualised client-centered approach was used to empower and educate for self management. I would highly recommend Aideen for practical evidence based information that you can incorporate into your daily schedule.

Aoife Divilly

Customer Reviews

Last week I attended hospital because I could not hear. I had fluid in my inner ears which would take several weeks to improve. LMD is a gentle massage treatment which involved Aideen applying a soft touch to my face and my ears in a gentle manner.

I could feel something shifting on that first treatment. The next morning when I woke up, I was amazed to see all around my eyes and nose was physically different. I knew that the congestion had shifted and warranted a second treatment.

Another positive effect of the treatment was the improvement in my sense of smell. I have had sinus problems, as long as I can remember and have been attending doctors for years looking for a solution.

When I initially met Aideen, I was intrigued regarding her treatment and instinctively knew that I would be attending her. The importance of connections and being part of a network was invaluable in my recovery. Visiting Aideen was the best thing I have ever done. Just over a week since the doctor told me it would take weeks I have my hearing back again. Alternative therapies can complement traditional medicine.

Traditional medicine offered me time and patience, Aideen provided me with a solution. If you have sinus or ear problems, do not hesitate to contact Aideen Schweppe

Grainne Clancy

Customer Reviews

Aideen is very knowledgeable and attentive to the client’s needs. She’s also a great person!

Liliana Gaspar

Customer Reviews

Highly recommended! I had several great sessions with Aideen for my tendons and muscles problems. Very helpful!

Marino Nuhanovic

Customer Reviews

If it weren’t for all your hard work my legs would still be swollen

Pat, Secondary Lymphoedema

Customer Reviews

Aideen is a true professional in her field and I can definitely recommend her with confidence.

Siobhan Fitzpatrick

Customer Reviews

I had a second session of back, neck and shoulders massage with Aideen. She is the best! Great massage in nice atmosphere, very calming and relaxing music. Aideen knows what she is doing, she is very professional and talented. I can highly recommend Aideen.

Zaneta Malkiewicz

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