Tips for Dealing with Sinus Issues

Chronic sinus issues are becoming more and more prevalent. We are exposed to chemicals in our homes, traffic fumes on our streets, germs, super bugs – is it any wonder our poor heads get so congested and become so inflamed.

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It’s impossible to cut out traffic fumes unless you move to the country and avoid the roads altogether, but there are some steps we can take in our homes and our routines to help reduce our symptoms:

Reduce your exposure to chemicals:

Generally speaking, reducing our exposure to chemicals can greatly benefit our health. Take a look at the chemicals in your home that could be irritating your nose and sinuses. For example, furniture polish, air freshener and bleach. Do you use these in your home? Check the ingredients, they often contain things that you don’t want to be inhaling. Bleach can be very powerful, use sparingly if you must use it, and be careful not to enclose yourself in a poorly ventilated bathroom while dousing the place with bleach. I nearly passed out once when cleaning my bathroom with bleach in hot water (the hot water creates a vapour and you then inhale it!).

See where you can switch to more natural options. With the current trend in Zero Waste there are so many blogs out there with ideas and recipes for making your own cleaning products. I haven’t quite got there yet, but I do use a multi-purpose detergent made from aloe vera, that’s biodegradable (safer for our oceans) and free from nasty chemicals (more info here).

Use only the highest quality candles:

Some of the most popular scented candle brands are actually toxic and can be harmful to our health. If you burn candles in your home it’s important to use only the highest quality candles, with natural wax and a wick that’s also safe to burn.

I only use the Celtic Candle’s brand. I love popping in to their factory shop in Baldoyle Industrial Estate, but you will find them stocked in plenty of shops too. A good tip I’ve picked up over the years is to trim your wick too. If it’s too long and is giving off smoke that’s a danger sign. Trim the wick so that it burns clean and when you blow candles out be sure that they are fully out, don’t let smoke escape into the room and into your nose and lungs.

Burn sage or incense:

Burning sage or incense is said to clear the energy in your home or work space, but there’s actually an age-old science behind this practice too. The smoke created and wafted around your space when you burn sage actually works to purify the air, killing germs and mites. The same can be said for some incense, sandalwood for example. Open all your windows and doors to keep the room ventilated and allow the smoke to escape. Be sure to only use the highest quality sage/incense.

Keep some air-purifying plants:

I’ve only started gardening in the last 2 years, so I’m no expert. But I’ve started a little collection of house plants and somehow I’ve managed to keep them alive!

Peace-Lily is a plant that looks pretty, and purifies the air in your home. It will let you know when it’s thirsty, which is great, because I don’t do hints, I need to be told straight out!! You’ll see the perky leaves start to droop and then you know you need to give her some TLC and a good measure of water. She doesn’t like lots of direct sunlight apparently, so I’ve been moving her around as the seasons change, to keep her near the light but in the shade most of the day.

Aloe vera plants are also great to keep, and if you replant into bigger pots they can really thrive and produce little baby plants that you can move to their own pots. If you’re into that sort of thing!

Keep your gut happy:

To stay healthy and happy it’s important to keep your gut happy. The evidence around the effect of gut health on the immune system and on our mental health has really been coming forth lately. Eating foods rich in probiotics, such as fermented foods, can be really beneficial. I love King of Kefir lemonade every now and then, as it satisfies the need for fizz, but it’s made with kefir so it’s good for your gut too!! Supplementing with probiotic supplements can also be very helpful when you need that extra bit of support or if you’ve been taking antibiotics (a necessary evil sometimes, although I think they are over-prescribed and we run to them way too quickly, but that’s a topic for another day!)

Drinking aloe vera is another good way to keep your gut healthy. But be mindful to always read the label. Not all brands are created equal. I’ve seen a brand in the supermarket that claims to be an aloe vera drink, but if you check the ingredients it’s high in added sugar and water and not a lot of aloe. What you want is aloe gel, not juice. It can only be called a gel if the aloe content is high, a juice means it’s not that high in aloe. You also want to be sure that it’s the inner leaf of the aloe plant that you are drinking, and that the production process does not involve heating or grinding, which depletes the nutrients. As close to nature as possible is always best in my opinion. I only drink the Forever Living Products brand of aloe, which my Mum was also drinking long before drinking aloe became popular. They recently moved from plastic bottles to tetra pack, which made me very happy (better for recycling) and which also allowed them to rejig the formula making it 99.7% pure aloe vera now! Winning!

Treat Yourself…:

Sometimes, even with the best intentions to avoid getting sick, these chronic health problems just won’t go away, not fully. Sometimes they creep up on you when you get a cold and then you feel like you are back to square one! Well, never fear, I’ve got your covered there as well… Treat yourself to a very relaxing Manual Lymph Drainage session, which will improve the circulation of lymphatic fluid in your head, including eyes, ears, nose, sinuses. You’ll feel super chill and you’ll breathe more easily too. Over time, a course of sessions helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing where needed. Combined with a diet that avoids foods that increase acid and inflammation in the body, MLD can be really helpful in shifting congestion and easing tension.

Just give me a call or request a call back via my contact page and I’m happy to discuss.

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