Lymphedema Awareness Month Tips: Drink More Water

Everyone knows what cancer is, so why don’t more people know about Lymphoedema?

l will be sharing some tips throughout the month, please share them, there is definitely someone you know who will learn something beneficial for their health and wellbeing:

Tip 1) A common misconception – if I have swelling in my limbs I need to drink less water or take diuretics.

In fact, if you have issues with your lymphatic system, it is really essential to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

I often describe it like this – it is like putting oil in the engine of your car. Your lymphatic system and lymphatic vessels need water to function. If they get dried out they do not work, they get backed up, blocked up, they slow down.

So, if you know you have issues with your lymphatic system get that water into ya!

If you are not sure, rule out problems with the veins first, and then talk to a lymphatic therapist (such as myself).

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