Lymphedema Awareness Month Tips: Self Drainage Massage

So yesterday we spoke about the importance of a combination of lymphatic drainage and compression, and I’ve mentioned home-care
techniques a lot this month (have a look at posts for Tips 1 to 7).

Home-care techniques will involve Yoga, exercise, staying hydrated, reducing salt intake, compression AND self-massage.

In between sessions with your MLD therapist and in the current climate when you can’t get an appointment with an MLD therapist you MUST perform self-lymphatic drainage massage yourself every single day. I can’t stress this enough.

If you want to just pay someone for weekly or monthly MLD sessions and you don’t want to take any responsibility for your own health, this
won’t be of interest to you, and you’ve probably already stopped reading these tips.

If you are someone who takes ownership, wants to feel empowered and to be in control of your own health, you will definitely want to learn this technique and you’ve probably already taken note of my previous tips this month.

I’ve shared videos on my YouTube Channel and you’ll find a link to these here so please feel free to check those out.

If you want to learn this technique via an online tutorial with me visit the website to book. We will look at your specific situation, your body, and exactly how to perform this technique specifically for you.

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