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Self-Manage Your Lymphedema

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Who this Course is for & why

This course is designed for anyone with a damaged lymphatic system and will teach you all the basics through a series of modules.  In my 13 years of clinical practice I’m so often told that nobody explains this during the cancer treatment process. It’s so important to understand this damage and what it means for your body and your health. And most importantly, what you can do about it. You wouldn’t remove a kidney and not explain how this impacts your body, your health and your future self…Learn how to reduce swelling, pain & risk of infection and improve lymphatic drainage while also learning how to boost your immune system.


Course Format & Access

Learn at your own pace, the content is about 2 to 3 hours in total. You will have life-long access so you can come back and follow the videos any time. And you can contact us for support if you need it. 

What this course will teach you

This course will help you self manage your lymphedema by learning:

  • How the lymphatic system works and what happens when it’s damaged.

  • Simple Lymphatic Drainage – a different tutorial video for each of the lymphatic drainage areas/body parts

  • Yoga & Exercise to get your lymphatic system working more effectively

  • Tips on Diet & Nutrition to support your lymphatic system and manage the symptoms that result from a damaged lymphatic system

  • Mindfulness to help you manage stress

  • Info on Compression

Learn from an experienced Lymphatic Drainage Specialist

Aideen is a passionate holistic practitioner, who draws on her innate desire to help others live their best life each day in her work. Learn more about Aideen here

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