This is a comprehensive and holistic hands-on practical course on how to take charge of your lymphedema and your own body and health. 
It will help you understand, what lymphedema is, how it can affect you, how to prevent or manage it simply, effectively, and most importantly by yourself. 
The practices are simple, don’t require big time or money commitment and can be integrated into your daily life to ensure your lymph system can perform its vital role optimally. 
From proper hydration, and good uncomplicated nutritional advice, to simple lymph drainage techniques, exercise, breathing, meditation, and even yoga for the lymphatic system thrown in, you really have all the bases covered in this course. 
Delivered by Aideen Schweppe, who is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their health and well being. Aideen has vast experience and knowledge of the body and lymphatic system, with a strong emphasis on fitness and holistic health, and wants to get this information out to as many people as possible. She has the perfect combination of skills to help you.
More details on the course here.
Anne Roche

Roches Wig Centre, Dublin

Aideen is a wealth of knowledge! I appreciate her time and willingness to share info about managing lymphedema, keeping stress low, and sharing yoga practices to live your BEST life. You can’t go wrong by hearing what she has to say, highly recommended! If you have lymphedema, she can definitely help guide you. Easy to understand, friendly, a great resource. ❤

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Roxy, USA

I just want to highlight how incredible this course is! As a cancer survivor with full lymph node removal, I am high risk for lymphoedema, which I have already had the pleasure of experiencing! Aideen has taken a lot of care to produce a beautiful and an easy to understand, detailed guide, with videos which is exactly what I love! I never knew about home-care techniques and they are fantastic, which I have been doing and thankfully no lymphoedema currently which is great! (more about the course here).

Donia Youssef, UK

Author, UK

Online MLD consultation: I found the session to be extremely beneficial and informative. Great introduction to the management of lymphoedema. Individualised client-centered approach was used to empower and educate for self management. I would highly recommend Aideen for practical evidence based information that you can incorporate into your daily schedule.

Aoife Divilly

If it weren’t for all your hard work my legs would still be swollen.

Pat, Secondary Lymphoedema

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